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David Changes BPD Procedures, Vows Veto of Police Modernization Law

Binghamton Mayor Rich David signed an executive order Monday changing some police procedures, while also saying he'd veto a controversial piece of legislation aimed at the department.

The executive order will change the way officers collect data. It also calls for annual diversity training. In signing the executive order, David said he will also veto the Police Modernization Law if it reaches his desk.

With three members of City Council agreeing with the mayor there would not be enough votes to override the veto. The Police Modernization Law also aims to improve data collection on police stops as well as improve diversity. It would also require cultural competency training. David said that legislation was drafted without any input from his office, police administration, or the District Attorney's office.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David said, "I'm certain that discussion among the Human Rights Commission and members of City Council will continue on making the Police Modernization Act a law. I will veto any legislation that comes to my desk that compromises public safety as this proposal does."

Sean Massey, a member of the Binghamton Human Rights Commission which drafted the Police Modernization Law said the Commission was not consulted by the Mayor before he signed this executive order.