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United Way Expands 2-1-1 Call Service

By Fox 40 Staff.
A helping hand is now a phone call away for more people more often.

The United Way of Broome County is expanding it's 2-1-1 call center into Delaware and Otsego counties. It already covers Broome, Chenango, and Tioga. the 2-1-1 line will now also be manned 24/7. 2-1-1 helps connect callers to social services they need, such as food, clothing, and shelter.

"Say you're the parents of a new child born with special needs. Where do you go for help? Well, you call 2-1-1 and we'll get you to the right place the first time. If you're a victim of domestic abuse, where do you go for help? We can give you that information," said Alan Hertel, Executive Director of the United Way of Broome County.

2-1-1 is a free, confidential service. The United Way has also launched a new website for it's 2-1-1 service. It's helpme211.org.