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Rally held by supporters for Seccesion from NYS

By Molly Darrow.
Dozens who wish to secede from New York met at General Clinton Park in Bainbridge Sunday to rally about their reasons for wanting secession to Pennsylvania.

"We're tired of what has been going on in Upstate for decades. And we want to change now," said Director of Gas Odyssey Aaron Price.

At the first people's rally for seceding from New York, speakers voiced reasons for wanting to leave the Empire State.

Reasons that include desire to repeal the foundations of the Common Core Program, the S.A.F.E. act and the ban placed on fracking; all of which they say limits personal freedom and rights.

Organizers say they will not give up easy and they will put together any effort they can to make the idea of secession a reality.

"Why do you leave a fight? You stay and fight. You stay and do what is right to fix what is wrong. That's one of the things that you learn through life, you don't walk away from a fight, you keep on fighting for as long as you can. We love Upstate. We love our communities. We don't want to leave upstate, we want to leave New York State," said Price.

Organizers say they plan to implement their ideas by voting in elections, protesting and picketing.

Secession could only happen if voters approved an amendment to the New York State Constitution and would also require the approval of both states and Congress.