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To Flash Mob, or not to Flash Mob? That is the question

Mall goers were able to do some shopping and catch a show today. The Binghamton Shakespeare Dramatic Club is celebrating its 100th anniversary with a flash mob Saturday afternoon at the Oakdale Mall.

The group is comprised of 25 women that meet twice a month to read Shakespearean literature. Members say to celebrate their club they thought a flash mob was a good way to bring Shakespeare to the public.

"We wanted to do something that people would enjoy that they would recognize it and we can't put on a whole play, we don't have the to put on a whole play or we're not actors any of us so we thought just doing well known speeches was a good alternative and it seemed like a good idea to just pop up in the mall and do it," said Louise Donahue.

The club read famous snippets from Shakespeare's works such as Macbeth, Julius Caesar, and Romeo and Juliet.