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The story behind the best dressed caddy at the DSGO

You may know him as "that caddy that's always dressed to the nines" but best selling author of "Walk Through to Par," Peter Beames was named by Golf Magazine as one of the top 50 golf instructors of the century yet even his charge Jeff Hart knows that his caddy's outfit is a topic of conversation.

"The tie and the coat, it draws a lot of attention. I think he enjoys that," Hart said.

"You know, it's just me. I'm not trying to get attention or anything it's just you'll notice old people wear different types of clothing, that's all. If i looked good in a tight sleeve shirt, I'd do that," Beames said. "Seeing an old man in a short sleeve shirt, it's horrible. So you wear long trousers, to keep people from going 'blechh.'"

But he says even the outfit is less about age and more about what he was taught about the game by the greats like Bobby Locke, Peter Thompson and Gary Player.

"They always imbued into me to respect [the game] and dress nicely."

Even though he was Player's swing coach, he mostly helps Hart with the mental side game.

"It's more his thinking and his positive energy. He's played a lot of golf with Peter Thompson and Bobby Locke and a lot of the greats and he's relayed a lot of what he learned from them to me."

A few years ago, Beames says, he played three rounds of golf against a 14-year-old Jordan Spieth and beat him one of those three rounds.

But the most valuable attribute a golfer can have?

"Patience. Hurry up and wait. Patience is the big thing in golf. If you have patience, you can win."

Born in Ireland and "dragged up" in England, Beames became interested in golf at age three because of his father, an attorney who would play the game to relax. Many years later, when does he see his golf career end?

"You do it until you drop. Isn't that life?"

Beames serves as Hart's caddy for just a handful of tournaments a year, in the northeast. Hart tees off with the impeccably dressed Beames at 9:14 am on Friday.