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Presidents Cup visits En-Joie

Just six weeks away from the 2015 Presidents Cup in South Korea, the cup itself visited En-Joie joined by Team USA captain Jay Haas and International assistant captain Mark McNulty.

In the ten times the Presidents Cup has been held, America has won it eight times and the two teams tied once. This year, McNulty hopes to turn the tables a bit.

"We've only won it one time inside of ten times now, so we're hoping to change that again next time around," McNulty says. "It is exciting and we very much would like the fortunes to go more to the International side to make it more of a competition."

"It's going to take our best golf without question," Haas said. "I think we have a very strong team top to bottom. They guys will be ready. Being in South Korea, first time in a non-English speaking country, all that stuff. But golf is universal now and the language that the lowest score wins the hole is universal."

The Presidents Cup will take place from October 8-11 at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea in Incheon, South Korea.