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Binghamton University Moves Students In For The New Year

We are getting close to the end of summer and kids all over New York are getting ready to go back to school.

Today, you might have noticed the heavy traffic on the Vestal Parkway and that's because new students are moving in!

That's because it's move in day on campus at BU. Young freshmen will soon be figuring out how to do their own laundry and get their own meals. Classes for the school year are beginning in a few days. This weekend, new or returning students will be able to attend the 22nd annual University Fest. As expected, the students along with their parents are experiencing some emotion these days.

BU Freshman, Brooke Mcdonald said, "I'm definitely excited for a change. I was very sad to leave but I'm excited for a new beginning, I need a new chapter."

Michael Mcdonald, Father of Freshman Student said,"Today is both an exciting day and emotional as well and we're looking forward to this being a new chapter in Brooke's life. She worked very hard leading up to this moment as far as her schooling goes and her studies and we're just very excited for her."