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Nigel Smith Trial Resumes

Following a week-long recess, Judge Joseph Cawley was back on the bench Wednesday for the Nigel Smith murder trial.

A number of witnesses took the stand. This including testimony from Broderick Warner, a fire arms expert, who identified the magazine found next to Bretnie "Shah" Owen's body as belonging to a pellet gun designed to look like the Rugar p345 handgun. The same handgun that a witness testified she saw used during the night of the incident.

Jurors later saw video taken from Smith's police interview the night of his arrest. It showed a distraught Smith being carried to the hospital for shortness of breath. Several hours later, the video also showed police investigators telling Smith that Calvin Bell was blaming him for the death of Bretnie Owens.

Trial and testimony will continue Thursday, with the judge working to have closing statements by the end of the week.