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Sports Anchors Don't Make Good Caddies

By Jeremy Donovan.
ENDICOTT -- If you're going to spend as much time on a golf course as Jay Don Blake, you'll want to have a caddy with whom you love to spend time. For Blake, that's his wife Marci. But during Wednesday's Pro Am, Marci took a break and I took over the bag. But before I knew it, I had broken rule number one.

"We try to meet our caddy at the driving range to kind of get ready, prepare," Jay Don Blake said. "This morning, my caddy didn't show up. That's a pretty simple process to get on time. Caddy rules are 'show up, shut up, and keep up.' So we'll see if the caddy can obey this today."

Despite my early flub, Marci says caddying for her husband is pretty easy.

"Jay Don's so laid back and so easy to work for," Marci said. "He's amazing at home and out on the course as well. We have a great time together."

"I've done my yardage my whole life, picked my own clubs," Jay Don said. "I've pretty much done a lot of it on my own. I don't really have the caddies read the greens too much unless I'm very uncertain with a certain kind of putt and I'll bring the caddy in and say 'what do you see, what do you think?'"

Now, that I can handle. Although, it did take some time to get used to reading greens for a professional, eventually I figured it out and read a 20 foot putt on En-Joie's Par 4 First hole (my second hole on the bag) and Blake sunk it for birdie.

"That show up, shut up, and keep up, you handled that pretty nicely, you were always right there and then we got to the greens,"
Jay Don said. "Reading the putts, you seemed pretty knowledgeable on what the breaks were gonna do."

So did I get the job?

"Since you're local, I'd probably have to say, you got a chance," Jay Don said. "Anywhere else, no. You could fit in, we could work you in pretty well, but it's pretty tough to get my wife off the bag."

Blake tees off on Friday at 1:49 with Wes Short, Jr. and 2012 Dick's Open Champ Willie Wood. His wife Marci will serve as caddy, only because I have to film the tournament. Yea, let's go with that.