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Protesters Urge Hanna to Vote for Iran Deal

By Fox 40 Staff.
Peace activists rallied in front of Congressman Richard Hanna's office in Binghamton to urge him to support the nuclear deal with Iran.

in a statement Wednesday to Fox 40 Hanna says he is continuing to review the deal and hasn't yet determined how he will vote. He says he will rely on input from experts and that he is actively reviewing all documentation, classified and otherwise. The activists from groups including Veterans for Peace, Peace Action, and moveon.org say the deal brings the world closer to peace.

"(It's) a turning point in the Middle East diplomacy efforts and furthering, hopefully, the cause for peace instead of war and more violence in the Middle East. It's getting more partners to work together, working with the countries of Europe, and China, and Russia," said Father Tim Taugher, Pastor and St. Francis of Assisi Parish.

As for other members of New York's Congressional delegation, Senator Charles Schumer opposes the deal, saying it would allow Iran to eliminate sanctions against it while retaining it's nuclear and non-nuclear power. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is supporting the deal, but does call it imperfect. She says Iran made essential concessions, and the deal allow for more access to nuclear inspectors.