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Group Renews Call for Upstate Secession to Pennsylvania

Upstate New York is broken and the only fix is to secede to Pennsylvania.

That was the message protesters shared in downtown Binghamton. They point to the state's decision to ban fracking and the NY Safe Act as ways the state limits personal freedom and rights.

Wednesday's protest is in advance of a rally Sunday planned to take place at General Clinton Park in Bainbridge.

"You know what I'm looking forward to is in 2018 being in Windsor, Pennsylvania, not Windsor, New York. I believe in miracles. I believe the impossible can happen as long as people do the work to make it happen," said Filmmaker and Secession Advocate Aaron Price.

"It's certainly a long shot. It's not without precedent. There have been states that have seceded before. In fact, Vermont at one point was part of New York State," said Stephen J. Aldstadt, President of SCOPE, a 2nd Amendment rights organization.

Secession is a move that would require a Constitutional Convention to bring an amendment directly to voters. Or the State Legislature would need to pass an amendment twice with an election of Legislators, in between, and then have it submitted to voters. Secession would also require the approval of New York, Pennsylvania, and the U-S Congress.