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Camp Hope for Kids Helps Children Grieve

Margaret Galatioto knows what its like to lose someone close. her father passed away from cancer when she was only a child.
" He was Italian/Sicilian so everything was very family oriented." Margaret Galatioto
Thanks to camp hope for kids, she learned how to deal with her traumatic loss, and now is giving back by volunteering at the camp herself.
"It's always nice just to come here each year and be able to be involved with everyone, especially just coming back this camp has helped me so much and i just like to give back to the camp as well."
The camp is in its 9th year, and helps kids from ages 6-14 handle their grief while also showing that there are other children going through a similar loss. the program helps kids just be kids, with activities ranging from basketball to swimming.
"Its very rewarding, and we find with the people who come to this camp to help us every year, our staff and volunteers they get so much out of it the come back year after year after year." - Marie halecki