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A Smelly Flower Prepares to Share its Odor

Pinch your nose! For the third time in five years, the corpse plant at B.U.'s greenhouse will bloom, sending off its stinky odor later this week.

To explain the flower's name, once it blooms it smells like decomposing flesh. Normally, the flower is supposed to bloom once every thirty to one hundred years but this plant is blooming more than expected because of its location in the greenhouse. There will be a live stream of the plant bloom on the university website and visitors are welcome to watch the flower change colors.

"We will see a purple/burgundy interior color and that night it will be fully open which may not be straight down on the spathe but it will be fully open and that will be the worst stench of the plant," said Laurie Bell, Binghamton University Greenhouse Manager.

The flower's name is "Metris" in honor of the goddess of learning and teaching. The plant was donated by University alum Werner Stiegler.