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Deposit Schools Continuing Heroin Education

By Jason Weinstein.
It's tragic but necessary back-to-school training for some local teachers - heroin awareness.

The Deposit School District is holding a multi-county roundtable for educators on September 2nd. The district held a Heroin Education Night for 380 students and parents last November. September's event will include the District Attorneys and Sheriff's from Broome, Delaware, Chenango, and Otsego counties. The Principal of the Deposit Middle and High School says she has seen her staff learn the warning signs of use, and parents learn steps they can take, such as disposing old pain pills, to lessen the chance of exposure and addiction.

"It's something that is in our schools whether we want to believe it or not and I feel like it's something that once they get hooked on it they can't get off of it. I really want to try to get the education out there to everyone before they get to that point," said Theresa Rajner, Principal of the Deposit Middle School/High School.

The district will also host another heroin education night for parents and students in either November or December. You can attend the September event, but you must contact Deposit High School by August 30th to register.