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Ukranian Independence Day Flag Raising

Members of the Ukrainian community, including both young and the old gathered at city hall this morning to celebrate 24 years of independence..
"One of the beautiful things about our country is that we have freedom now, freedom of religion, not a freedom from religion because we know that our country is based upon faith of the founders and the faith of all the immigrants who came here."
The reverend Teodor Czabala of sacred heart Ukrainian catholic church in Johnson city, sees it as a celebration of culture, both american and Ukrainian.
"for my parents it was always a combination of really the understanding of what the american dream is, they're extremely proud of the heritage they had, they felt they were Ukrainians, and they very much tried to instill that into myself and my sister."
Czabala leads a parish with about 75 Ukrainian families, but for Ukrainians freedom is something they don't take for granted.
" Now you begin to see the significance just because the reflections, how much people were willing to suffer in order to maintain, to have an identity of Ukrainian."
24 years ago today, the blue and gold Ukrainian flag was raised over Kiev, just as it was raised alongside the stars and stripes in downtown Binghamton today.