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Clambake Fundraiser Helps Support NYS Trooper's Family

Family, friends and law enforcement officials enjoyed the sun at a clambake in honor of a trooper who they say made a bright impact on their lives.

Hundreds gathered Sunday at Mountain Top Grove in Vestal in honor of New York State Trooper Glen Woods.

Woods was 45 years old when he died in his sleep due to natural causes last march.

Organizers say Sunday's event isn't so much about the money raised but a way to support his family as trooper woods so freely did for others.

"He would always take a younger trooper under his wing and try to help them out and make sure they didn't make the same mistakes that maybe he made as a younger trooper. That's the kind of guy that he always was. He always helped out and always made sure that everybody lived up to their potential. Now what we're doing here is trying to help out with that, so that his kids reach their potential," said Co-Organizer of Memorial Benefit Jason Cawley.

While this was the first clambake fundraiser, organizers say they are already looking to do another fundraiser in the springtime.