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Volunteers Help to Spruce up Mom's House Landscaping

An organization that helps others in the form of child care is getting a helping hand of its own in the garden.

A dozen volunteers brought out their shovels and put on their gardening gloves to spruce up the landscaping at Mom's House. The house offers free child care for kids of single parents who are putting themselves through school.

Volunteers from the financial company, First Investors, worked on the landscaping. They bought supplies with grant money.

"I think it creates a welcoming feeling. It looks nice. We took before pictures and it looked horrible. Even Mom's House was saying every time they drove in, they would just blind their eyes and go through the door. So now they want to come here to see the fresh mulch and everything and the new plants. So hopefully it feels welcoming to the parents and the kids," said Organizer of Mom's House Landscaping Event Crystal DeMarco.

This past year Mom's House helped more than a dozen single parents to reach graduation.