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Chris Thater Memorial Draws Cyclists to Local Businesses

The 32nd annual Chris Thater Memorial brought in cyclists from near and far.

Thater, a cycling enthusiast, was killed after being hit by a drunk driver.

This weekend, cyclists raced their way towards preventing future lives lost to drunk driving by helping to raise awareness for the Stop-DWI Program.

And the large turnout of competitors and spectators this race brings in also means a positive impact for some local businesses.

"We stayed overnight because there's races on Saturday and Sunday. So Saturday after our race we had a great time exploring. And we had dinner at Zona's, which is right on the race course. And it was awesome to kind of explore and get to know the community a little bit," said Chris Thater Memorial Tournament Participant Nick Sabatelli.

"It's brought in a lot of business. It brings quite a bit of attention to Binghamton and it boosts the local economy," said Zona's Employee Donnie Button.

This year's race expected to attract more than 1,200 athletes and up to 5,000 spectators to Downtown Binghamton.