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Missing 81-Year-Old who was Found Alive has Passed Away

Saturday 81-year-old Alfred Turshman was found alive at 10 a.m. in the Town of German. He was taken to Wilson Hospital in Johnson City to be treated for hypothermia, but ended up passing away in the hospital at 10 p.m. last night.

The Turshman family experienced a 12-hour emotional roller coaster Saturday from when they found Alfred alive in the Town of German to when they lost Alfred later that night in the hospital. The eight days haven't been the easiest of times for the family but they know Alfred is in good hands now.

"Here today Mr.Turshman's found alive which is phenomenal. That teamwork that comes together, we couldn't do it without that," said NYS Police Captain Scott Heggelke, at a press conference held on Saturday.

Sunday the mood of the Turshman family was more somber when we spoke with family members about Alfred passing away.

"He was awake before he passed, so all of his kids, his grandkids, got to see him. We all went in two-by-two and said our goodbyes just in case," said Turshman's granddaughter Linsey Turshman.

Turshman was found in a wooded area off of North End Road, by a resident and their dog, in the Town of German, after an eight day search. He suffered from hypothermia. But at the time he was discovered, he was responsive.

"He's a tough old farmer," said NYS Forest Ranger David Meade.

Family members say while they're sad to see their loved one go, they're glad they had the bittersweet moment of saying goodbye.

"It was the closure I needed. The worry was gone of not knowing where he was and the thought of him being out there alone and scared was the worst part, so seeing him and having him look into my eyes and know who I was and he knew we were all there. It was just what we needed," said Linsey Turshman.

The family also says they want to emphasize their gratitude to the efforts of everyone who participated in the search. They have set up a GoFundMe account to give thanks to the Cincinnatus EMS and Fire Department. The account has raised more than $5,500 so far.

A funeral service has been arranged for 11 a.m. on August 27th at K.L. Sharp Funeral Home in Cincinnatus.