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Missing Chenango County Man Found Alive

The search for 81-year-old Alfred Turshman has come to an end. The Chenango County man who has dementia was found in the Town of German Saturday morning at around 10 am.

The search for Alfred Turshman lasted one week in Cincinnatus. As the investigation continued more attention was brought to the 81-year-old man who was reported missing from his home on Fry Road in the Town of German on August 15th. Saturday, his family's prayers were answered.

"We all started crying. We're all pretty tough kids, but just everybody started crying," said Alfred Turshman's Son Alfred Turshman Jr., "It's such a relief and totally unexpected."

The silence is over. Cortland County 911 received a call this morning that a resident, and his dog, had found Turshman in a wooded area off of North End Road in the Town of German.

"It's not uncommon for us to search a block and then have a subject circle back around an area that we've already searched.
That's part of what makes it so difficult," said NYS Forest Ranger David Meade.

Those that participated in the search say that while they looked in this area previously, a variety of factors may have contributed to why they might have overlooked Turshman.

"It was just swamp and it was so much brush that some of the brush you had to literally walk around because its filled with blackberry briers and prickers and things. And when you walked around something like that, you get thoughts in your mind like what if he was right there and I didn't walk over and open the bush up to look," said Town of German Resident Leonard Abbott.

This wasn't just a search for Turshman family. With more than 160 searchers, it was a search for a member of the community.

"If I was missing, I don't believe that type of support would come out. My brothers say the same. That's just the way dad is. He's loved by everybody," said Turshman Jr.

After he was found, Turshman was transported by Cincinnatus Ambulance to Wilson Medical Center in Johnson City.

"He's cold, he has a low-core body temperature. They're warming him up. They're bringing him up a couple degrees an hour. He's not terribly dehydrated. They suspect he was eating apples and stuff. He's beat up, but nothing's broken or open wounds," said Turshman Jr.

"He's a tough old farmer," said Meade.

There has been a GoFundMe account set up by the family to give thanks to the Cincinnatus EMS and Fire Department. So far more than $5,000 has been raised.