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State Push to Spot Fake IDs

This week Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an initiative to help bar owners spot fake IDs. The new push comes as the state is issuing revamped ID cards.

Cyntrece Brown, Manager at Tully's says, "I thought that it was really interesting that they were finally doing something to crack down on it. 'Cause I do know it's a problem."

A new effort to educate bar owners, bouncer and other staffer on new New York ID cards is being applauded by some establishments that serve alcohol.
Standup: "But even with this program, will all bars really crack down on fake IDs?"

Brown says, "I'm not sure about all bars. I'm sure at some places there is a benefit that they might get more sales but, like I said, here at Tully's we're not about that. We have a bar but we are a family friendly restaurant, so that comes first for us."

Some of the changes such as a variable wave pattern or tactile laser engraving are impressive. Brown says other aspects impress her.

Brown says, "I think it's great that the new IDs that are 21 and under are vertical so it's one of the first things to spot on IDs as far as what to look for.
Also the raised letter on it, on their birthdate, so you can kind of tell and everything so you can kind of tell how to spot a fake."

All in all, family-oriented establishments see this as an improvement.
Brown says, "These one are a lot better than the ones they had when I was 21. Because you can't chalk them or do any of the modifications on it."

Perhaps this will help stop underage drinking.

****For Fox 40 HD News, I'm Frank McCaffrey reporting.****