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Are Companies at Huron on Move after TCE Guideline Change?

By Jason Weinstein.
Companies on the Huron Campus in Endicott are reacting after the state's Department of Health changing it's guidelines of what it says is safe exposure to the chemical TCE.

The agency has changed the safe level of TCE from five micrograms per cubic meter to two micrograms. In a statement BAE's Manager of Health, Safety, and Environment said, "Whenever health and safety guidelines change in relation to any BAE systems facility, we work with the necessary parties to understand the impact, take appropriate action to maintain a safe working environment, and communicate such action to our employees."

However, the company says it has no plans to move.

i3 Electronics said it has been aware of potential issues associated with TCE on the campus and started working on a long-term solution a year ago. It's long-term plan includes potentially moving i3 Electronics to a new location in the greater Binghamton area that will enable the company to achieve greater efficiencies.

Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo, who in the past has proposed even stricter guidelines, says this change could lead to a greater cleanup of the site.

"I would like to begin a conversation about how we can look at those 60 acres and really put those buildings back to good use. Everyone wants jobs. It's hard when you have a prime spot like that and businesses, especially those working in food for example, really aren't willing to look at that site," said Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-123rd District).

The TCE guideline is based on the assumption that people are continuously exposed to TCE in air all day, every day for months or as long as a lifetime.