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Friday Begins DWI Crackdown

By Jason Weinstein.
Summer may be winding down, but DWI patrols are ramping up.

Friday begins the Labor Day DWI crackdown, which will be in effect from August 21st through September 7th. There will be additional patrols both in Broome County and statewide looking for impaired drivers. On Labor Day weekend of 2013 there were 424 crash fatalities nationwide, almost half in crashes involving people who have been drinking. But these crackdowns could be helping lower those numbers.

"We're actually coming to the end of our third year of the crackdowns. This is our 24th crackdown period and we've seen a significant reduction in the number of DWI arrests, crashes, and fatalities throughout the crackdown periods from year one to year three," said Broome County Stop DWI Coordinator Chris Marion.

Marion stresses the purpose of the crackdowns isn't to make arrests, it's to keep impaired drivers off the road in the first place. If you're going to drink you should have a plan to get home before going out.