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Fox 40 Goes to Camp: Johnson City has experience to win in Class A

Now SV beat the team I'm about to talk about 14-0 in their own stadium last year, that's Johnson City. But the wildcats and sabers were in class B. This year, JC is moving into Class A and the move is at the right time.

The reason for that is because this team brings back a lot of talented seniors who have played with each other since pee wee's. Jake Thompson leads the offense at quarterback. The kid's got a strong arm and is very versatile. Running Back is Dominic Nadz, he rushed for big yardage and did a lot of scoring for the Wildcats. And on defense they've got the future Boston College product -- Adam Korutz, a bull on the defensive line to evade the QB. So right now, this team is a total package.

"These guys have been around for a while, we've got a good core group of guys back and its nice to have them here," said Head Coach Fred Deinhardt.

"We have a lot of experience, last year a lot of us were coming as juniors we didn't have the varsity level under our belt, but this year we know what we want, " said Jake Thompson, Senior Quarterback.

"We all want to go out with a bang, and of course last year was up and down, but were prepared and out here working hard," said Adam Korutz, Senior Defensive Lineman.

Johnson City lost only 7 Seniors Last Year. This Year there are 29 Seniors heading into the week one roster against Waverly.