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Free Family Fun Night in Endicott

Broome County Promise Zone hosted family nights in the park tonight in Endicott.
it was one of the weekly events which took place in area parks.

Community Project Director, Heidi Miheskia told us "It's an opportunity for families and students to get together to come and interact with on another. And through the fun activities as well as give an opportunity for parents to take advantage of the resources from the community and what's available for them here."

"Today have had a lot of fun. So far that I've been here there's great activities, great food and i'm just glad that the community could come out to enjoy themselves with their families." Said local resident Amy Decker

Broome County School Director Luann Kida stated "This helps to bring them out to a public park so they can first of all visit their own neighborhood and get connected with each other and have fun. There's all kinds of activities and games going on so really helps parents get engaged with their kids. Kids can get excited about some things as well. and then there is just the free pizza and ice pops and all that good stuff so that's fun too. "
and it appeared a fun time was had by all."