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The Latest on the New MacArthur School Buildings

The MacArthur School has a new building coming in the next few months.
School officials are saying the new construction project for the school is in its last one hundred days. Work is being completed on the wings where the classrooms will be.

But what about the leases in the buildings that currently house MacArthur students?

Kerry Mullins, Asst. Superintendent for Administration says, "We have a lease with St. Thomas and St. Francis and we extended the lease as a safety net in casein case there is an unanticipated reason for us not to be in the building. We don't anticipate an issue, we extended the lease with the clause that we could terminate that lease with 60 days notice."

Mullins also notes that many of the parents and other stakeholders in the project are happy with what the new school will have, including a kids kitchen to help with MacArthur's tradition of showing off its cooking techniques.