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Defense: Testimony Contradictory in Nigel Smith Murder Trial

By Alex Howard.
In day 6 of the Nigel Smith murder trial, the former girlfriend of Smith's co-defendant Calvin Bell was back in court Tuesday. Bell was found not guilty in June of the murder of Bretnie Owens, but what could her testimony mean for smith?

Monday's testimony saw Heather Seacrest, the former girlfriend of Calvin Bell take the witness stand, and Tuesday her testimony continued with cross examination from the defense, which continued to question her credibility as a witness.

The defense also examined her relationship with Bell, asking her why she had previously testified in front of a grand jury that Calvin Bell had never threatened her, even though she said Monday that she "feared for herself and her children" following her inquiry as to what happened to Bretnie Owens.

The prosecution then asked about how Bell and Nigel Smith appeared when she had brought them to her apartment to change. She characterized them as "distraught" and "distant", as if something traumatic had just happened. As the defense continued to highlight what they called her contradicting statements, Seacrest burst into tears.

The judge dismissed the jury, and moved on to the next witness. Police investigators are scheduled to testify Wednesday.