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State Police Vet is New Broome County Undersheriff

By Jason Weinstein.
Broome County's new Undersheriff is on the job.

Eric Janis retired from the State Police in march after more than 33 years on the job, most of which was spent as a supervisor. He takes over for Fred Akshar, who is the Republican candidate for the 52nd District State Senate seat. Akshar is on a leave of absence to run for the seat. That means Janis' tenure as Undersheriff depends on the outcome of the election in November.

"We've discussed that. Obviously if he loses the election his leave of absence will be over and he'll come back to work and I'll leave. If he wins the election than the Sheriff and I will sit down and discuss where to go from there," said Broome County Undersheriff Eric Janis.

"He'll be in the jail quite a bit. He'll be on the Jail Medical Review Board every Wednesday. There will be a lot of jobs. He'll be the Sherrif when I'm not here so he'll have additional jobs. I'll give him as much as I can to him," said Broome County Sheriff David Harder (R).

Janis will also be involved in the pistol permit and alarm permit divisions, as well as handling supervision of personnel.