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Binghamton Officials Plan Code Enforcement Sweeps

Local officials are working to clean-up neighborhoods in Binghamton.

Today on the corner of Liberty Street and Pearne Street, Binghamton Mayor Rich David announced his plan to enforce codes for 2015. In fact, there will be eight code enforcement sweeps.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David says, "The purpose of a code enforcement sweep is to take all of the resources of a department and focus them on one specific area or neighborhood at one specific time. So when address multiple violations simultaneously, you have a much more viable and you have a much more important impact."

And just to enforce the point, when David was talking, some of the neighbors started fighting. David says that he has found that people are concerned about the integrity of their neighborhoods.

David said, "A lot of times the process is complaint-driven. And officers will respond and address violations that way."

Other officials have ideas for certain sections of the north side of Binghamton.

Chris Schleider of City of Binghamton Code Enforcement says, "What we'll do is we'll canvass the neighborhood. We'll look at each property individually. We'll try to determine what if anything is out of place with that property. Certainly if there is a safety issue we will address that. That will be paramount. The other issues that we also address will be health and sanitation."