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More Heated Arguments in Nigel Smith Trial

One witness and a lot of drama.

Co-defendant Calvin Bell's former girlfriend, Heather Seacrest was the sole witness who was with both Nigel Smith and Calvin Bell in the early morning hours after the murder took place.

The prosecution began by asking Seacrest about what happened during that timeframe, when she drove both men to Walmart as was seen in video evidence.

While at Walmart, the witness claimed to have been told by Calvin Bell that her heroin dealer, Bretnie "Sha" Owens, was quote "no longer with us" and was also told that he had attempted to splash water on him.

Later on in the examination, Seacrest would testify that Bell told her she'd better keep her mouth shut or she could "end up dead".

Following the trip to Walmart, both Nigel Smith and Bell were dropped off by the witness somewhere on Binghamton's west side.

The defense targeted the credibility of the witness in a near- hostile fashion as over ten sustained objections and multiple heated arguments between the defense and the witness forced the jury to leave the room twice.

The defense alleged that Bell's girlfriend perjured herself when talking to investigators in the interest of acting as an alibi for Bell.

This because the witness claimed she feared for her life. As we have reported, Bell was acquitted of the murder of Bretnie Owens in June.