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Annual Hickories Circuit Dog Show

Keeshonds, Beagles, and Italian Greyhounds, these are just some of the dogs that could be seen at this year's Hickories Circuit Dog Show. Today was the last day of the dog show and with more than 700 dogs, accompanied by owners and spectators; organizers say this weekend's turnout was one the greatest the Tioga County Kennel Club has seen in years. Organizers also added that while the show is held for four consecutive days; each day is a clean slate for the dogs and, depending on judge's standards, you never know who will come out top dog.
"Most of the dogs are here that have been here the last three days. But they will be competing against their individual breed standards, they'll be best of breeds for every breed that's represented today. Then they'll go on to what we call 'group judging' by the specific group that they're in. And then ultimately, the best of each of those groups, there will be seven dogs, will go in for the best in show ribbon," said VP of Tioga County Kennel Club Vicki Kubic.
An Airdale Terrier won today's "best in show."
Thousands of dollars were raised this year and proceeds will help to benefit the southern tier police canine association in support of police dogs and their officers.