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First Annual Senior's Running and Walking Festival

This was the scene at the Vestal Trail Coal House today as the First Annual Seniors Running and walking Festival allowed seniors a chance to have a productive and enjoyable Saturday.

It was the first annual Seniors Running and Walking Festival
Vince Fox: "Just look at the smiles on the faces of the seniors here. This group has a wide variety of sixty, seventy, eighty, even ninety year olds walking across the finish line with those huge smiles, it's just been awesome."

This festival allowed for some runners to achieve their personal goals.

Karla Jenson: "Last August I turned fifty-five and at that time I set a goal of losing some weight and started running again. My goal was to run five five-K's and this is my fifty-five year and this is my number five race. So I'm just thrilled that I was able to achieve this goal and lose some weight in the process."

The event also had some intense training leading up to it.

Sue Mayes, "I guess we prepared the whole time we did the training which was about two months. It helped get going faster. I walked a lot but I'v never raced before so this was the first time I've a five-K."

Eileen Stone, " I did the 1K run and that was my first time. I made a little bit of improvement each week and today I was able to do so."
On top of that the festival featured a wheelchair race which was more fun in the sun.