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Executive Order to Investigate Police-Involved Civilian Deaths

Who should have the power to investigate police-involved civilian deaths?

In July governor Cuomo issued an executive order empowering the state attorney general to do so. Broome County district attorney Gerald Mollen is president of the state district attorneys association. That group has blasted the order. Mollen says it's ambiguous and creates uncertainties that could endanger safety. State attorney general Eric Schneiderman defended the order in Binghamton yesterday, saying it only applies to a narrow group of cases.

"There's a serious crisis of public confidence in the system of local prosecutors being charged with investigating and prosecuting police officers they work with day in and day out to make their cases. There's an expression supreme court justice Felix Frankfurter once said, "justice must satisfy the appearance of justice,'" said Schneiderman.

Schneiderman's office is investigating the death of raynette turner. She's the African-American mother of eight who died in police custody in Mount Vernon after being arrested on a shoplifting charge.