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Girlfriend, Parole Officer Testify in Nigel Smith Murder Trial

Prosecution witnesses continued to testify in the murder trial of Nigel Smith Friday including Smith's girlfriend and his parole officer.

Smith is charged with the robbery and murder of Bretnie "Sha" Owens at Owens' Stone Street apartment in Binghamton in June of 2013.

Smith's co-defendant Calvin Bell was found not guilty of robbery and murder in June.

Smith's girlfriend Paula Bogart testified she was in Owego with Smith the night of June 13th.

She also said at some point later that night Smith left where she was staying.

Earlier Smith's parole officer testified Smith called him that night as well saying he was going to miss curfew.

Police found Owens' body at his home on the morning of June 15th.

Bogart also testified she was with Smith the night of a police chase in September of 2013, more than three months after the murder.

At one point during the chase Bogart said Smith jumped out of the vehicle while it was moving.

She said she moved to the driver's seat and pulled the car over at the nearest exit.

She also said she did not want to know why police were looking for Smith.

More prosecution witnesses are scheduled to testify when the trial continues on Monday morning.