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Powdered Alcohol Banned in New York

By Fox 40 Staff.
The sale of powdered alcohol, also known as palcohol, is now banned in New York State.

Governor Cuomo Friday signed legislation prohibiting the sale of the product. Cuomo calls palcohol a public health disaster waiting to happen. Palcohol is sold in small bags and is intended to be mixed with water to create alcoholic drinks. Cuomo argues it is portable and easy to conceal in its powdered form -- increasing the ability for underage youths to gain access to it.

Supporters of the product say banning it will increase demand among kids. They also claim it is safer than liquid alcohol. This, in part, because liquid alcohol dissolves more quickly in drinks and powdered alcohol is harder to sneak into venues because a shot of liquid alcohol is 1/4 the volume of a shot of powdered alcohol. In a statement Friday US Senator Charles Schumer says he'll continue to push for a national ban on palcohol.