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Public play presents challenge for Dick's Open

As one of only a few public golf courses on the professional circuit, En-Joie gives area amateur golfers a unique chance to play where the pros play. But, whether intentional or not, amateur golfers are typically rougher on courses than the pros. This presents a challenge to the course staff and the staff of the Dick's Sporting Goods Open to get the course looking pristine come tournament time.

Set up has already begun for this year's DSGO, but play is still going on on the course. The course will be closed the week preceding the tournament to give Superintendent Anthony Chapman and his staff enough time to prep the course.

"So, we do have the challenge of the next seven days there's still plenty of play going on," said Tournament Director John Karedes. "We're hoping that these players are cognizant that there will be players here playing for $1.9 million in a few weeks. Fixing their divots, ball marks, that type of thing. But at the end of the day it's just a lot of TLC by our staff, Anthony's staff, Mike Deuel's staff, and hoping the golfers use some common sense."

Tournament play begins August 28.