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Endicott Woman Finds Bugs in Her Coffee

A local young woman Wednesday morning went for a cup of joe and, instead, got a cup of ewww! Tuesday night she was craving coffee. So she went to a local Price Chopper to buy a can. this morning, she made her coffee and found particles that appeared to be bugs in her cup.

Ronisha Carson, Endicott resident said, "I searched in my can, this coffee can right here, I looked in there and I found like a big fly. It's like about this big, it was like hunched over. I almost threw up. I like freaked out and I almost threw my cup at first."

Fox 40 worked to get responses from the store she bought the coffee from Price Chopper, as well as Smucker's, the parent company of Folger's.
The staff on the Folger's side said they had not received a complaint despite what Carson told us earlier.

"I called Folger's this morning and they were supposed to send coupons to get free coffee," said Carson.

We were then told that what Carson saw could well be chafe from the coffee bean, which was said to be similar to the skin of a Spanish peanut.

Then, we got this statement from Smucker's. The group that said it will investigate the incident. It read, "Our commitment to quality has long been demonstrated by our comprehensive quality assurance policies and procedures.

"We are extremely disappointed that we were unable to fully investigate this claim. Based on the poor quality of the images you provided and most importantly the fact that our quality assurance teams have not had an opportunity to examine the product,we can not provide an assessment of the images."

No matter what the case may be, Carson seems disturbed by it all.

"I wasn't expecting all this to happen. I hate flies, I hate all insects. I hate ants, I hate spiders," she said.