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Operation Safe Child at Chenango County Fair

By Fox 40 Staff.
If you're a parent enjoying the fun and games of the Chenango County Fair this week you may want to take a minute to help ensure the safety of your child.

The Chenango County Sheriff's Office is running Operation Safe Child. Parents stop by, fill out a form and get a pair of identification cards for their children complete with information including height and weight, along with the child's picture and fingerprints. This information can be invaluable to law enforcement in the event of a child going missing.

"We provide two identification cards, one for each parent so that the child's picture can be readily available. We try to get parents to go out every year and do these cards because children change so much in one year," said Chenango County 911 Dispatcher Jeffrey A. Harter.

The Chenango County Sheriff's Office will run it's Operation Safe Child trailer at the Chenango County Fair through Saturday.