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Key Witness Testifies In Nigel Smith Trial

By Alex Howard.
Emotional testimony and heated exchanges Wednesday as the key prosecution eyewitness took the stand in the murder trial of Nigel Smith.

A woman who said she traded sex for heroin with victim Bretnie "Sha" Owens testified Wednesday for the prosecution.

The 24-year-old testified that she was with Owens the night the murder took place, and was present when two veiled men barged into the apartment. She also claimed the two men searched her, then threw her down on the floor. She said she managed to catch a glimpse of the face of one of the men when his bandana fell down.

She also testified once the two men turned their attention to searching the apartment, she ran out the front door. On cross examination defense attorney David Butler brought the credibility of the witness into question. Butler asked why her testimony differed from the statements she gave to police.

Butler said she originally told police she saw the face of both of the men as opposed to her testimony of seeing just one face today. She tearfully told the court she was traumatized by the event and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder when pressed by the defense today.

The prosecution will continue to call more witnesses when the trial will continues tomorrow. Nigel Smith's co-defendant in the case Calvin Bell was found not guilty of the murder and robbery of Owens in June.