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NY Republican Chairman Visits Binghamton to Support Fred Akshar's Race for the 52nd State Senate Seat.

With a special election for Tom Libous' vacated Senate Seat looming in November-- NY State Republican Chairman, Ed Cox kicked off a series of regional meetings in Binghamton today.

Cox met with local G.O.P chairs to discuss their hopes for state senate candidate Fred Akshar and to assure voters the party is focused on securing a republican victory.

NY Republican Chairman, Ed Cox said, "You can bet that there's going to be a lot of outside money coming in here to try and have the democrats take over the seat and we are going to do whatever it takes to hold on to the seat and to make sure the state senate stays in Republican hands. That is absolutely crucial for anyone who is living outside NYC."

Cox and other Republican Representatives say they are very confident Fred Akshar is the "fresh face" the Senate needs, because he is not a career politician.