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Owego Town Supervisor, Highway Supervisor Trade Barbs

By Donnie Dwyer.
Owego Town Supervisor Don Castelluci told me Monday that he thinks
the Town Board should hold a public hearing and then vote to make the position of Highway Superintendent appointed instead of elected.

Castelluci feels current Superintendent Mark Clark has no accountability and that there has been no communication with the town. He also feels Clark has shown resentment to the town board after recent budget cuts to his staff.

Clark said the news Monday made him take a step back but that it doesn't stop him from doing his daily work at the office. Clark's biggest fear is that Castelluci is working to take away the vote from the public.

"The current superintendent has the qualifications, I'm not saying he doesn't. I just think we need to have the communication level and decision making with budgets more open and the agenda of what roads are going to be done, things like that need to be more open," said Castellucci.

"The accountability factor he mentioned is laughable. I present a two-week update, bi-weekly update to the board including him, of our projects and everything that is going on in this department," said Clark.

Clark says he has reached out to Castellucci twice about this issue but has not yet received a response. He said he will not be looking to reach out to the Town Supervisor again and thinks this issue is personal and not political.