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Schumer Speaks Out on DC's Proposed Cuts

Proposed cuts in Washington could mean a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in our region.

In 2015 the City of Binghamton received $1.7 million in block grant money and $317,000 in HOME Investment Partnerships Program money. These cuts, including reducing Binghamton's cut of the home program to $25,000, would mean less money for parks, infrastructure, and salary in some departments.

Senator Charles Schumer was in Elmira Monday to protest these proposed senate cuts of $100 million in community development block grants and $800 million from the home program.

Schumer said, "You're the mayor of a middle sized or smaller city. These are the things that let you make your city live." He also added, "But unfortunately, some people in Washington have proposed, not just a haircut not just a trim, but basically shaving the whole thing off. A baldie if you will. They're just cutting the whole thing off."