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Binghamton Aeros Show Off Aircraft Skills

Planes are showing off their soaring skills at the Chenango Bridge Airport.

Sunday the Binghamton Aeros hosted the final day of their weekend-long 30th annual Giant Scale Fun-Fly.

More than 600 people came out to watch more than 200 large radio-controlled airplanes take flight.

And controlling the planes were more than 75 pilots who came from all over the East Coast, including Canada.

"It's just a fascination with aviation in general. And it's a good way for people to just kind of get together and enjoy the hobby. A big part of it is building. A lot of us like to build, as much as we do fly. It's just taking a box of sticks and putting it together and coming out with a beautiful airplane that flies great. So it's just a lot of fun," said President of the Binghamton Aeros Tony Jensen.

All proceeds from this weekend's event will benefit the Southern Tier Veterans Support Group.