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Residents Enjoy Newark Valley Days Celebrations

Newark Valley is bringing the community together for a day dedicated to the people who reside in it.

Saturday the Newark Valley Depot and Chamber of Commerce held the annual Newark Valley Days throughout the town. The event included live musical performances on the bandstand, a parade, a craft fair on the green, children's games and even horse rides. Organizers say the event, which has been going on for more than two decades, helps to highlight a sense of community.

"I think it's hard to have a tight community if you don't know each other. And we can live in areas where there's lots of small communities of houses and so fourth, but if you don't get to know each other you're not truly going to work together. And when you have problems, whether it be natural problems or floods or whatever, it isn't going to work. But if you have things like this that brings people together, they get to know each other, and when you know each other then you're willing to help each other," said Program Director for Newark Valley Depot Marcia Kiechle.

Every Friday night through September 11th, Depot Friday Nights invite the community to come out and enjoy a free concert or lecture.