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Garlic Fest Kicks Off!

The American Civic Association helps to bring people of all cultures together. And what better way to bring people together than with food?

Saturday the organization held their 12th annual Garlic Festival. More than 300 people came out to enjoy a variety of entertainment acts including live dances, as well as more than a dozen vendors selling things like handcrafted items. And you can't forget about the ethnic food! Items such as enchiladas, perogies and even garlic ice cream were served. Proceeds from Saturday's event go towards future events and upkeep for the organization.

"At the Garlic Festival, we have different ethnic food. And food is a way of bringing people together to partake and share about different cultures, and different belief, and getting to know about each other cordially in the American Society," said Executive Director of the American Civic Association, Mayra Garcia.

And do you have a knack for fashion or a special talent? The American Civic Association is accepting applications for their first annual Multi-Cultural Fashion and Talent Show in October.