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Workers Protest Verizon over No Contract. Company Responds

By Fox 40 Staff.
Assembly woman Donna Lupardo joined with local Verizon workers who are working without a contract.

Approximately 40 workers picketed outside of the Verizon Central Office in Binghamton. According to the workers, the picketing comes after the company refused to bargain with its 39-thousand employees over the terms of its contract.

Those involved in Friday's rally say they want their fair share from the company through things like job and retirement security, and reasonable health care costs. Officials also stress the refusal of Verizon to build high-speed fiber optic internet, or FiOS, in the Southern Tier. They say this fiber-optic network would expand economic opportunities in the area.

"Nobody likes going through this type of negotiation. We're working without a contract right now. And it takes a toll on our families and our communities. So it would be a great thing for us to sit down and negotiate a fair contract," said President of CWA Local 1111 Jake Lake.

Verizon Spokesperson Rich Young told us the company has been negotiating with the union since June 22nd. He says this particular group of employees works for the company's wirelines, a unit that has struggled since consumers have abandoned landlines over the past decade. Young claims these employees have healthcare and retirement plans that far exceed what the average American will ever see.