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Schumer Pitches Endicott Firm to TSA

Fighting emerging threats needs emerging technology. That's the argument senator Charles Schumer is making to the Transportation Security Administration as he pitches a local company.

Surescan in endicott develops screening equipment for airports. Schumer is urging the TSA to use Surescan, pointing to a recent TSA report that revealed agents failed to uncover 67 out of 70 threats at airports across the country.

The head of Surescan says emerging threats such as homemade explosives, or HMEs creates the need for advanced technology. She says Surescan's machine is able to detect material more capably and with more distinction than traditional screeners.

"That leads to lower false alarm (rates). It's also got built-in capability to look for and detect emerging threats as we know them and as we know they are coming," said LeeAnn Levesque, President and CEO of Surescan.

The company already has relationships with both the TSA and Department of Homeland Security. According to Schumer's office, the TSA screens 1.2 million pieces of baggage per day.