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Details on Endwell Fire Proposal for Westover/Fairmont Park

By Fox 40 Staff.
Details emerge on the bid by the Endwell Fire Department to take over coverage of areas that have traditionally been covered by the Johnson City Fire Department.

Endwell is proposing it take over coverage for Westover and Fairmont Park next year at an annual cost of $120,000. Johnson City receives $240,000 for it's coverage of these areas. Endwell says the move would save tax money for those in Westover and Fairmont Park.

The JC firefighters association says it's coverage includes both fire and EMS, while the Endwell proposal only covers fire. However the Endwell Department does respond to life-threatening EMS calls. The JC firefighters say they can respond to these areas more quickly during events when every minute counts.

Endwell says while it's response time may be a minute or two slower for some calls it can provide better coverage to calls in other ways, such as with more manpower and equipment.

"While we might only be a minute or two later at most than JC would be able to respond, we're responding with a lot of guys who can put on a real aggressive attack on that situation," said Endwell Fire Commissioner Ron Materese.

"Fire doubles in size every minute and every minute that a person is in cardiac arrest or having a serious medical emergency, the chances of survival decrease," said Matthew Lee, Secretary of the Johnson City Firefighters Association.

Town of Union Supervisor Rose Sotak says issues such as response time and manpower actually trump the dollar amount when it comes to the pick for fire coverage. A town work session on the issue will likely be August 12th.