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Denver Jones Plans Third-Party State Senate Run

By Fox 40 Staff.
A third-party candidate is emerging in the race for the open State Senate seat vacated after the conviction of former Senator Tom Libous.

Candor businessman Denver Jones, who lost to Libous in the 2014 Republican primary, says he is seeking to run on the Taxpayer Party line. He plans to join Democrat Barbara Fiala and Republican Fred Akshar on the ballot.

"I've asked people not only in the Republican Party, Democrat Party, Conservatives, Independents, you name it. They say, 'No, go for it,we need someone that we can trust, someone who understands our problems and is going to try to fix them,'" said Jones

Jones needs a minimum of 3,000 signatures in order to run on an independent ticket. The special election to fill the vacant 52nd District seat is November 3rd.