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David "Very Surprised" by the Way GOP Picked Akshar

One of the high-profile local Republicans who bowed out of consideration for the GOP nomination said he was surprised by the way the party picked Broome County Undersheriff Fred Akshar to run for State Senate.

Binghamton Mayor Rich David declined a run but floated the name of former two-term Binghamton Mayor Rich Bucci last week. David served as Deputy Mayor during Bucci's tenure. Bucci was not called in for an interview by the committee in charge of choosing the nominee.

"I was frankly very surprised by the way this process unfolded but that was the direction the party leadership took it and I was not involved in the process and now they have selected a candidate and we will see what happens," said Binghamton Mayor Rich David.

The special election to fill the vacant 52nd District Senate seat will be on November 3rd.